Locally made Cheeses 


We carefully craft our cheeses with 100% Nigerian Dwarf goat milk from goats raised on our farm. Our goats graze on our pastures and eat hay baled from our fields. Nigerian Dwarf goat milk has up to twice the butterfat content of other milking goats, which makes for a richer, creamier more mellow tasting cheese.


We make only carefully tended small batches of artisan cheese. Because we make small batches, selection at any given moment is likely to be limited.


We make a variety of styles of cheeses including traditional chèvre, chèvre rolled in various herbs and spices, crottins, selles sur cher style cheeses, camembert, brie, feta and our own take on halloumi (a lower water content grilling cheese). We frequently experiment with new recipes so our cheese repertoire continues to grow.


Farm Fresh Eggs


Our eggs come from happy chickens, who truly know the meaning of free range. Our eggs have deep yellow-orange yolks and a great taste (no runny watery eggs from us!). Talk with one of our loyal egg customers to get the low down on why our eggs are so good.

We have been eating farm fresh eggs for the past 4-5 years mainly because we are looking for the most nutritious food we could find. Goat Conspiracy eggs have yolks that are large, bright orange and they taste amazing.  If you put them up against the most expensive eggs you can buy in the store, there is no comparison in terms of size, color, and flavor.  I know we are getting the freshest eggs possible.  Another bonus is how beautiful they are on the outside. When you open the carton, the shapes and colors of the shells will make you smile!
— S. J. Bloomington, IN

Goat soap

Scents include: lavender lemongrass, rosemary lavender, rosemary citrus, double mint, mountain trail, herb garden, basil lime, cardamom tangerine, patchouli, patchouli ylang ylang, cinnamon spice, spiced coffee, bug away


Our goat milk soaps are made from 100% Nigerian Dwarf goat milk, the highest butterfat of all goat milk, which creates a rich moisturizing bar of soap with beautiful lather. Try a bar. We believe you will notice the difference.

$5 each or 5 for $20

I had tried other goat milk soaps in the past and I was not happy with the way my skin felt nor was I happy with the texture of the soaps. But, I tried the soap from the Goat Conspiracy Farm after visiting the farm and spending time with the goats, and I just love how soft my skin has become since I started using their soap. Their soap is high quality and I love that they make so many different scents. I am running out and will need to replenish soon.
— R. F. Parkland, Florida
I discovered this soap when I stayed at the Goat Conspiracy VRBO in 2018. It was given to us as a free sample. I took it home not thinking much of it, but when I used it, I fell in love.  I am currently using the Mint soap. It has exfoliating properties and foams up very nicely. Having seen where it is made, I know it is natural and organic, and love that I am supporting s wonderful farm and the goats that live there. Another thing I love about this soap is that it makes me feel extremely clean, more so than the name brands. It feels holistic and healing. I love the smell and can’t wait to try all of the other scents! These soaps would also make really great gifts for the holidays!
— K. S. Burien, WA
My aunt has some of your soap in her powder room, which is right by her back door, so when you walk into her house the whole house smells so good. Very fresh and light. She let me know the wonderful smell was from her soap that she had received as a gift. I found out you are in Indiana, so since I live in St. Louis, I tried some from a local store but didn’t get the same lasting scent that Goat Conspiracy soaps have. I’m going to order some of yours and have them mailed to me! Now I just have to pick some scents!
— S. S. St. Louis, MO

Goat Meats


We sell packaged goat meat, in various forms. Currently, we have goat chops, ground goat, livers and soup bones.

Conspirator Ts


A soft bamboo/organic cotton blend.
Colors come in cream and pewter with a standard crew and a scoop neck.
Locally printed (by In Case of Emergency Press) and designed (by Michael Brunner).

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