The Goat Conspiracy

The Goat Conspiracy is a small local sustainably oriented farm and creamery that produces all things goat related.  While our focus is on artisan cheeses and goat milk soaps, we sell goats for meat and pets as well as hire out our goats for sustainable (and entertaining) lawn care. We also have a vacation rental on the farm and sell free range eggs.


Our Values - Why We Do What We Do

Sustainability: We believe in creating a business built on principles of sustainability and low environmental impact.

Community: We are committed to developing and nurturing our own farm community and to contributing positively to the broader community of farmers and consumers of local food. 

Education: We hope to share what we learn about farming and production through workshops and community engagement.

baby goats.jpg

Animal Welfare: Our animals (goats, chickens, pig, cats and dogs) have good lives on the farm. We feed them the best food possible (with the intent that as much as possible will be grown right here on the farm). They have plenty of space to roam and enjoy their lives on the farm.  

Localism: We want to support our local community, by selling locally and utilizing local ingredients to provide nourishing fresh food and goods.

A Slower More Humane Pace of Life: We want to promote moving away from the fast pace of life that tends to leave little room for community, relationships and a conscious connection with the earth.

Who We Are


Josh Jackson is our handyman extraordinaire, an excellent goat herder and our farm maintenance man. Hand him a beer and he is always prepared for any crisis that could come our way.


Tonya Plachy is our primary goat whisperer, milker, tender of our sweet herd and also has a wealth of experience as a goat midwife.

Nicole Schonemann is our artisan cheesemaker and soap maker. She also manages the vacation rental cabin on the farm.


Mark Veldman guides our business decisions and practices.


Together we conspire for a better world, one goat at a time…